Updated: Jun 24, 2020

At the bottom of the post is a list of issues that the MBTC was addressing in September 2017. These were issues that impacted residents of Mission Beach. There is virtually nothing coming out of the current town council, taking in to account the pandemic. Trouble there are few members of the current town who were motivated to join to dig in and try to solve community issues.

And while most of the bureaucrats mean well, they come to town council meetings to answer questions and listen to people complain.

  • Let's see, well second trash pickup is solved if STRs pay for their own trash pickup, so clear why that is not being addressed.

  • Reduce airport noise; that's easy, Matt, Blaine and Dane don't live down here, so WTF.

  • Vacation rentals --> this is being done in secret by Matt, Blaine, and Jonah Mechanic

  • Undergrounding is being addressed, and why?; a resident who did not join the town council to promote STRs has the action

  • DECO bikes --> Greg was doing a heck of a job, but Greg gone thanks to Matt

  • Traffic --> Cathie found out there is a lot of homework that needs to be done to make this happen, and so Cathie gone; none of the pro-STR seem to want to make a big deal about the Mission Beach traffic -->bad press a no-no.

  • SD budget in bad shape thanks in part to you know who!

  • New lifeguard signs --> project completed because it was lead by a resident wanting to make a difference; thanks Will.

  • Concentration of fire rings --

  • Closing of gates at SMB jetty --> project completed because it was lead by a resident wanting to make a difference; thanks Marty and Nicki

  • The saddest point is that the second trash pickup is not going to happen; Not a peep from the town council on this issue, either before it was cancelled or now; But maybe the town council is not making a big deal out of it because of the possibility that the City might for once do the right thing and make the STR people pay for their own crap.


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