Updated: Apr 30, 2020

"I just got this message from Nathan Fletcher's office.  Nathan Fletcher is the county of San Diego supervisor who is really handling everything for all San Diego regarding the virus.  I don't believe that they even realize that many of the vacation rental operators are still doing business.  I live down in Mission Beach where many of us are very nervous as to who is coming into our community and renting these rental units.  Most of the smart respectable people that would normally come down here for vacation have already cancelled.  Vacation rental managers such as Seabreeze (and there are plenty others) have started reaching out to anyone who thinks this is still a hoax and is willing to travel despite restrictions.  Below is the message and I would recommend all write and direct your concerns to Nathan Fletches office.  Going out on vacation is not essential travel thus should help get people refunds from their upcoming bookings."

Nathan Fletcher -

Nathan Fletcher policy advisor - Emily Wier


Thanks for reaching out to Supervisor Fletcher. Our public health order is quite clear – everyone is to remain in their homes or at their place of residence except to go to an essential business or if you are an essential employee. If there are people or businesses that are violating the public health order to stay at home, you can call the non-emergency police line.


Emily Wier

Policy Advisor

Office of  Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

County of San Diego, Fourth District

1600 Pacific Highway, Rm. 335, San Diego, CA 92101

( (619) 531-4939| Cell (619) 372-7958


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