Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Some people cannot get out of the Mission Beach Town Council door fast enough!

In the November 2019, Matt Gardner and Blaine Smith tried unsuccessfully to remove me from the MBTC Board. Matt accused me of a variety of infractions, none which warranted removal of a Board Member from the town council. The November elections, thanks to Blaine's voters guidelines, resulted in even more pro-STR members on the Board. This seemed to increase Matt's indifference to the Bylaws.

When the coronavirus hit San Diego, the mayor took decisive action and shut down the beaches, parks, and the boardwalks. The COVID-19 is already bad for the short term rental business, but throw on top of the virus the restrictions against beach and boardwalk use, and this was just too much.

So, a few of the Board members got together and prepared a letter to the mayor and Councilmember Campbell. In this letter, the "MBTC" requested that the restrictions should be lifted for residents. Residents were defined as anyone who could show a MB address on their driver's license or lease and rental agreement. Whoops! According to Matt, a majority of the Board voted in support of the letter, but when I requested a list of the Board Members who supported the letter, there was no response.

Matt, Blaine and others grew tired of my emails asking them to provide some proof that the Board did actually review and approach the letter, so Matt, Blaine, and Dane created a new Board email address that did not include my name, Several Board Members protested to Matt, but to no avail. Matt and a couple of his STR buddies decided it was time to isolate me from the group.

So, I resigned. I also resigned because I believe over time the Mission Beach Residents Group, currently a Facebook private group, will grow and supplant the town council. The fewer people who attend the town council meetings, but become members of the Facebook Group, the sooner this transformation will happen. There are two other past presidents who are committed to the new group, along with Greg who started up the Mission Beach Residents Group on Facebook.

The other possibility, which seems less likely, but possible, would require the coronavirus for go on for some time, which is not something anyone wants to have happen. But, there could come a turning point when a large number of vacation rental owners decide that the risk is too great to continue using their property as a short term rental. We are already seeing a few property owners make this switch. I think we all know how much better it would be if all of the properties on our court were filled with owners or long term renters.

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