There are times when it becomes apparent when it becomes the right time and conditions for a leader

And that time is now and the leader is Barbara Bry for Mayor.


San Diegans can now go to the beach as long as they maintain physical distancing and don’t congregate or lay down blankets. Now, we must begin identifying the opportunities to restart San Diego’s economic engine. The bad news: We can’t be back to “business as usual.” The good news: We don’t need to. Tough times create an opportunity for positive change. With municipal revenues in freefall and the effects of COVID-19 still unfolding, the City of San Diego must prepare to operate in new ways and to lead an effort to build an inclusive economic recovery. On Thursday, I will be holding a virtual news conference on the budget, at which I will outline the incredible opportunities we have to learn from this crisis and view it as a catalyst to re-think how the city delivers services and uses tax dollars more efficiently and with greater accountability for results. In advance of Thursday’s budget news conference, I also want to invite you to attend two “House Calls” hosted by my Council office this week, which include a few of the experts to whom I am turning to inform my perspective:

Monday, April 27 at 5 pm: Mental Health Checkup

From the homeless to those quarantined at home, our current crisis has compounded the challenges of addressing mental health issues. Please join me and the experts today at 5 pm:

  1. Dr. Suzi Hong, Associate Professor at UCSD,

  2. Dr. David Janowski, Emeritus Professor at UCSD,

  3. Marc Rosenbuerg, Marriage and Family Therapist, and

  4. Dr. Helanne Fronek, Physician Coach, and Professor at UCSD

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