My travel date was supposed to be tomorrow, 1 week in Long Beach. With the LA County shelter-in-place order, I thought I would be able to get a full refund from these guys finally. They had told me earlier I wasn't eligible because the shelter order only went through April 30th..and despite a pregnant wife (at-risk) and two children under 3, they wouldn't do anything except refund my cleaning fee (how generous considering I wouldn't be using the house). 

However, this company still won't do anything more than a 50% refund. They get to keep 50%, for doing nothing! Even though we aren't allowed to use a vacation rental by law right now.

The worst part, they continue to send me the check-in information emails every few days leading up to this trip. It's illegal to currently travel to and utilize a vacation rental (im not an essential worker) in LA County, yet they are telling me to do so via email. 

They have to be breaking rules somehow!

We should all keep this thing going until they are out of business. They will undoubtedly change their name after this, to shed the poor reviews and tarnished is almost a certainty! 

I disputed my CC charge, but am worried if I accept their 50% offer, the CC company will deny me the claim any further.

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