The root cause of the airport noise issues is a combination of the SDCRAA, the ANAC and the City

Updated: May 20, 2020

There is nothing that drives the economy like creativity, and there is nothing that drives creativity like the arts.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA), the Airport Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC), and the Airport Noise Abatement Office have collaborated using the Brown Act to control information and activists rather than be transparent as intended. Yjos has killed any creativity finding ways to mitigate noise at Lindberg. Public Record Requests (PRR) have shown how communications work at the Airport Authority and how the noise abatement office personnel have used the threat of Part 161 to minimize noise abatement.

John Wayne Airport is not that dissimilar to Lindbergh Field as far as its impact on residents living in Newport Beach, the back bay, Balboa Island, and along the beach community. They have about the same number of residents living in the 65 dB CNEL contour area. And yet, there are efforts at JWA that we only dream about in San Diego.

The newsletter below outlines some of the ongoing work at JWA. There are no guarantees of noise abatement, but the City is directly funding noise consultants to work with the communities to help develop ideas and proposals. At Lindbergh, the Airport Authority hires a consultant who constantly finds ways to kill ideas, and recommendations. At JWA, the communities work directly with the airlines to find solutions, while at Lindbergh, the noise abatement office colludes with the FAA to isolate the communities from the airlines.

All of this needs to change, and perhaps we have a plan to do this, so stay tuned.

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