The fastest growing area for short term rentals in San Diego is downtown

These are active rentals by year.  In 2017, Host Compliance had a number of around 1656 active rentals for downtown.  So, they may have included one or two more communities than I have below.  I believe that downtown is the fastest growing area in San Diego, by far.  The overall percent whole home rentals is 91 percent.  The curve below shows that they added on average 379 new listings annually.  I have no idea how the residents of this area feel about STRs, or what percent are owned by investors.  The bottom table shows the number of single family, multi family and total community dwelling units.  

Greg Knight and I did a walking tour of North Mission Beach for Barbara Bry on Saturday.  I think she gained some appreciation for the impact of STRs on our community, given the very high percent of total units being used as STRs.  I think she was appalled by the over-filled garbage cans in the alleys, the fact that very few cans were being put out of the alley as required by the Municipal Code, the extremely poor quality of the road surfaces, and on and on.

I assume that some of the downtown is commercial and some residential?  Or is it all commercial, and if so, are these legal?  The bottom pictures show zoning for downtown versus Mission Beach.  MB is mostly multifamily.  I mentioned that Bob Semonsen and I did an analysis a while back and found two times the number of hotel plus STR bedrooms in MB compared to downtown.  We have enough hotels.  We don’t need to convert our residential community into one big distributed hotel with no management and no security.

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