The 2020 Census is happening now! Please help and fill out your for (see below)

The 2020 Census is happening now! By now, every household in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach should have received an invitation by mail to participate in the 2020 Census. The Census provides more than a snapshot of a community's demographics. The Census count determines where nearly 1 trillion dollars of taxpayer money is allocated for healthcare, education, housing, community resources, transportation, and disaster relief. Some examples include:

* Healthcare: hospital community clinics, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP * Education: Title 1 school funding, Head Start preschool, school lunch programs, special education, Pell College grants * Community Resources: SNAP, Section 8 housing, libraries, fire departments, community development * Transportation: highway and road construction, mass transit * Disaster Relief: wildlife restoration, prevention of wildfires

It is fast and easy to complete your Census questionnaire online at, by phone (844-330-2020), or by mail. All your responses are confidential and private -- responses are protected by federal law and are gathered for statistical purposes only. Need a job? The Census is still taking applications and hiring. The Census Taker position has flexible hours (20+ hours per week and day, evening, and weekend hours) and pays $21 per hour. It is easy to apply -- no resume or in-person interview needed. Apply at: Support your community and be part of history! Filling out your Census forms takes 10 minutes and affects your community for 10 YEARS!! If you have any questions about the Census, please email me at

Raquel Juarez

Recruiting Assistant

U.S. Census Bureau

San Diego Area

Census Office (ACO 3279)

Mobile: (858) 692-3415

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