We are continuing to see an increase of coronavirus cases reported by the County in La Jolla, Mission and Pacific Beaches, Ocean Beach, Hillcrest and Downtown. While La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Hillcrest, and Downtown maintain about the same slope, we are seeing a substantial increase in the slope in Mission/Pacific Beach.

One could attribute this to opening of bars in PB, but we have also seen a substantial increase in short term rentals in all of the beach areas. The difference for Mission beach is the combination of proximity of properties and the much higher number of STRs in Mission Beach. In addition, vacationers do not wear masks and do not even attempt to social distance. Lastly, many of the vacationers are coming from areas that are currently spiking or have some of the highest rates of coronavirus cases in the country.

Some of us have pleaded with our councilmember to take some action to reverse the potential causes of this trend, but no answer. What is it going to take to provoke Councilmember Jen Campbell to help our residents. Does she have to be threatened by a recall?

So why Blaine and Dane? Blaine helped orchestrate the reversal of the primary only STR regulations put in place by the San Diego City Council, which would have limited the number of STRs in Mission Beach and given he is the largest short term rental management company in Mission Beach, and I am sure has done everything he can to encourage visitors to violate the County of San Diego Public Health Directive on STRs in San Diego, then he gets mention. Dane misrepresented his eligibility so that he could run for a board position, membership no less, so he had access to all of the members names, thus giving him the opportunity to increase 710 Beach Rentals advertising.

So now we wait and see where the curves go.

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