What issue do we hear over and over at any meeting associated with short term rentals, scooters, fires on the beach, parking, trash and on and on? How about the word ENFORCEMENT. Or more accurately, the absence of enforcement. A gentleman who was on the Bry strategy meeting yesterday brought up a very important concept.

The executive branch of the City, the mayor's office is responsible for operations, while the City Council is responsible for policy. The mayor as part of his or her vision can propose policy, such as Mayor Faulconer's failed short term rental plan, but the City Council votes on and approves or disapproves a policy. The Council can create and pass a policy, but then the Mayor can veto it.

But, one point is very clear. The Council has nothing to do with operations. This is 100 percent the mayor. And all enforcement falls under the purview of the operations. Most of operations fall under Development Services Department.

The number one problem in the City is the Development Services Department. These people are mainly responsible for not performing their duties when it comes to enforcement in the Code enforcement Division described below. This all falls under City Operations, which is the responsibility of the mayor. Replacing Jenn Campbell, a good idea, will not result in an improvement in virtually every kind of enforcement that impacts our daily quality of life in Mission Beach. This must start at the top, currently Mayor Faulconer. Only one of the two candidates will dig into this problem and make the organizational changes that will yield improvements.Barbara Bry understands how organizations work. Todd Gloria understand how politics works, as in how do I keep the most people happy that will ensure my next political move.

About Us

The Development Services Department (DSD) is comprised of eight divisions that provide review, permit, inspection and code enforcement services for private and public development projects throughout the City of San Diego. Whether it's construction, renovation or changing the use of a building in part or in its entirety, DSD assists customers with development projects promptly to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, ensuring all City neighborhoods continue to be healthy, safe and livable for all residents, visitors and businesses. Learn more about each division:

Department Divisions

Administration and Financial Services Division This division provides overall administrative support to the department, the public as well as other City departments. Its core responsibilities include fiscal and procurement support, grant management, human resources, payroll, accounting and cashier services. In addition, the division is responsible for maintaining records of construction plans and permits on City property dating back to 1955. Building Construction and Safety Division

This division is comprised of building project plan review, ministerial project management and inspection sections.

  • The plan review section reviews proposed developments for compliance with the City and State code of regulations, including accessibility, electrical, fire protection, life safety, mechanical, noise, plumbing, smoke control, solar photovoltaic, structural and sustainability.

  • The inspection section inspects the construction of private development for compliance with City and State code of regulations, including accessibility, electrical, fire protection, life safety, mechanical, plumbing, smoke control, solar photovoltaic, structural, sustainability and construction stormwater best management practices. It also provides inspection of the Utilities Undergrounding Program, issues permits and inspects mobile home parks.

  • The ministerial project management section manages complex and phased developments and assists both staff and customers in conflict resolution.

Cannabis Division This division is responsible for administration, permitting and code enforcement activities related to authorized cannabis businesses within the City limits, including Cannabis Production Facilities, Cannabis Outlets and Cannabis Testing Facilities. The division coordinates with other City departments, county and state agencies regarding licensing, regulatory framework and business support.

This seems like the number one problem in the operational structure.

Code Enforcement Division This division investigates and enforces code violations related to land use, development regulations, building and housing codes, abandoned properties, disabled access and noise regulations. It works in partnership with the people of San Diego to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment; improve the quality of San Diego's neighborhoods through education, enforcement and abatement; respond to community concerns and attain code compliance while maintaining high professional standards and continually seeking improvements and innovations.

Engineering Division The division is comprised of ten sections that review discretionary and ministerial review projects. These sections are engineering review, transportation review, drainage and grades, traffic safety, water and sewer, stormwater, geology, mapping (including addressing and street naming), permitting and project management. The division's primary function is to perform reviews on permitting, engineering and mapping related approvals at both the discretionary and ministerial level for compliance with federal, state and local regulations. The division works within the public right-of-way to ensure conformance with City, state and federal regulations regarding traffic flow, pedestrian access, street lights, and traffic signals, and it also administers and issues traffic control plans/permits. The division also reviews mapping projects, building, grading, and public improvement plans, Over-The-Counter permits, traffic control plans, reports and other approval types for compliance with the:

  • Geologic and geotechnical regulations and standards of the California Building Code(link is external);

  • Land Development Code, and the State of California. This discipline reviews any required geotechnical reports;

  • Land Development Manual: Landscape Standard and Landscape Regulations;

  • Previously approved discretionary land use permits and/or tentative maps, public right-of-way vacations and easement abandonments; and

  • Mapping actions (parcel maps, final maps, dedication drawings, easement grants, etc.), including mapped brush management zones and landscape easements for compliance with the Subdivision Map Act(link is external), Land Surveyor's Act(link is external), Survey Monuments, and the Streets and Highways Code(link is external).

Innovation and Technology Division This division is responsible for leading process improvement initiatives that help optimize service delivery, as well as managing the information and data services for DSD. The division serves as the technology liaison between DSD, the Department of Information Technology, other City departments and City information technology vendors. Working with these sources, it implements, monitors and manages automation solutions for the department's daily business needs.

Land Development Review Division The Land Development Review Division includes the planning, zoning, landscaping, environmental and historic disciplines. It reviews ministerial and discretionary projects for compliance with the Land Development Code, community plans, the General Plan, as well as compliance with other City, state and federal regulations.

Project Submittal and Management Division This division is responsible for processing the City's land development projects. Its Project Management section manages both private and public discretionary projects and provides legislative support for the City's Hearing Officer, Planning Commission, and Historical Resources Board. In addition, its submitted project processing section handles construction, development permit project submittal and issuance functions.

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