Residents of Mission Beach need a voice to off-set what I believe is a corrupted Mission Beach Town Council. Blaine Smith and Matt Gardner have both more than once claimed that the vote of their STR regulations represents a consensus from Mission Beach.

The survey below, which can still be found on FACEBOOK "Residents of Mission Beach Group," This survey, which is based on a limited number of survey takers, clearly shows a real concern for short term rentals in Mission Beach. Note that zero is the wort score for STRs and 5 is the best score supporting STRs in Mission Beach. You will note that overall, the scores are much closer to zero than to five.

It is the fifth and the eighth survey questions that support what I have believed for a long time. Short term rentals are contrary to the fundamental identity of Mission Beach and they do not improve the quality of life of residents here.

I would like to see more of our residents fill out the survey, so please take a moment and go to FACEBOOK, Mission Beach Residents Group and find the survey. Thanks

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