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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Yesterday evening I attended the San Diego Network of Town Councils. We were offered by the SDNTC to provide the Mission Beach residents perspective on our needs for help from the mayor's office in Mission Beach. Mayoral candidates Bry and Gloria were there and gave their perspectives on how they would approach the mayor's position.

The each of the town council representatives was given about a minute and a half to talk about their issues. Matt Gardner from the MBTC did not show up, which could not have been a better lead up to my brief presentation. The Voice of Mission Beach had our two minutes in the sun. The MBTC looked much like I described them, a group of board members who have come on in the last couple of years to look after their STR investments.

I also believe that while my talk did not say that we are supporting Bry, I think you could read it between the lines.

The Voice of Mission Beach began as a group of residents disaffected by the town council leadership, in large part because many of the Board that joined the town council did so to defend their STR investments.  But now, the Voice of Mission Beach is attracting residents who want to contribute to the quality of life and safety on a broad range of issues consistent with our organization goals and Mission Statement.  

May be surprisingly, the top concerns of residents is not the fly infestation, not the short term rentals, and not the scooters.  It is the number of times the phrase, "lack of enforcement," comes up in local meetings and in discussions.  

We do not see this problem going away until we have a leader at the top who understands how best to change the San Diego image from one that promotes every new unregulated technology to one that weighs every new disruptive business against the quality of life impact on our many communities.  When I worked in business, I learned that it is the person at the top who establishes the philosophy that permeates throughout the organization, not just addressing the most disruptive businesses such as AirBnB and Bird, but for those that have become embedded in our current way of life.  We need new leadership who will think outside of the bureaucratic box, someone who will derive the best solutions based on data and facts, not back room politics. 

We need a leader who will come into the communities and meet with residents to gain first hand knowledge of the key issues. We need a leader who will come into Mission Beach and impress on visitors the importance of leaving our community the way it was before they arrived, a leader who will ensure that those on the administrative side of City Government are responsive to the residents needs, and we need a leader who will commit to making our beaches into the national treasure that we advertise outside of San Diego.

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