Some of my favorite graphs in years ---

Updated: May 11, 2020

Let me begin by saying that there is nothing more serious than coronavirus and its partner COVID-19. Shelter in place means shelter in place.

But, if there is a silver lining to this terrible disease, it is the two charts below. The first shows Lindbergh Field airline operations. This is the ninth week that this data has been tracked. Who would have guessed that the daily operations would drop to about 150 per day. And, it turns out that the majority of the current flights result in the aircraft flying out over OB and not MB. The quiet is deafening.

These data are from AirDNA and show that, well, STRs in Mission Beach are screwed. The bookings drop to very low values over time. Vacation rental owners should consider converting their units now so that they can still command a good price for the long term rentals. Because at some point there could be a glut of rentals in Mission Beach and prices will drop.


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