Short term rentals owners and monkeys show similar thinking patterns

Date:June 29, 2020

Source: University of California - Berkeley

Summary:Humans and monkeys may not speak the same lingo, but our ways of thinking are a lot more similar than previously thought, according to new research.

If you have attended Mission Beach Town Council meetings, the picture below must have immediately reminded you of more than one member on the town council Board. Not to name names, but the resemblances are stunning.

There are other similarities between some of the MBTC board members and monkeys, such as, Board member see, Board member do. This specifically pertains to short term rentals. Also, money and bananas good, people, not that important!

The recent increase in coronavirus can be directly attributed to the MBTC that have done little or nothing to discourage visitors from virus hot spots; in fact just the opposite. Applicants went out to potential vacationers that asked if the had any recent contact with COVID-19 individuals, and if the answer was yes, they received a discount. But they had to sign a waiver that stated that if they died from the virus during the visit, their next of kin would not get back any refund for days not used.

There have been some definite changes in the format of the town council meetings. For example, each month whoever tells the best AirBnB joke gets a free membership for the following year in the MBTC. The last four months winners are:

January - Although room sharing is not very common in Mission Beach, this one seems to get a lot of return guests. This girl just absolutely never had clothes on in the apartment. She just walked around in the nude, sat down on the couch and talked to us nude ... as if she wasn't nude. When she first walked out of the bedroom naked, my girlfriend and I sort of looked at each other oddly without saying a word. But just let it go as she just carried on normally and chatted with us about our lives, the city, and her plans for the weekend. The contact information for this renter is only available through the vacation rental company...................!

February - Two young ladies from Mission Beach decided it would be a top-notch idea to rent out their cozy abode while they vacationed for a month. What they didn't plan on was coming home to find their little flat laden with stray pubic hairs, a Ziploc bag full of used condoms, and a note in the mail from the local police force saying, basically: "So, we had to raid your place while you were gone because it was turned into a brothel -- nice job, guys!" The prostitutes who were staying there had been followed by cops for months and were caught literally mid-sex act inside the Airbnb rental, which led to arrests all around. Top notch screening AirBnB!

March - A San Jose iPhone app developer, while visiting Mission Beach rented an Airbnb and was having a fun beach vacation. Then a San Diegan comes to the door and asks "What the hell are you doing in my house?" The renter said "For a moment I thought I was in a bad '80s movie," Not the first AirBnB Scam.

April - A Mission Beach woman decided to rent out her condo to this dude for a month, and when she came back, he refused to leave. And as it turned out, there's a wonky legal loophole that says renting your house (even through Airbnb) is technically a month-to-month agreement, so police had no grounds to kick him out.  Thanks AirBnB.

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