The MBTC elections in November 2019 solidified the the STR industry control of the town council. The majority of this new board not only want to control and protect the industry in Mission Beach, but they see this as an opportunity to push for Mission Beach to become a mecca for short term rentals investments. There is no reason why this hungry group will not look out in to San Diego and identify other targets of opportunity they might be able to infiltrate and perhaps take over. This is an animal into itself, self serving and hungry to grow. Power and control are its vehicle and money its food.

The residents of Mission Beach have little chance to recover its own town council unless there is some catastrophic event, such as Bry wins the mayor race and enforces the code prohibiting short term rentals in residential communities, or the residents of Mission Beach form their own Group, or the residents of Mission Beach join the Pacific Beach Town Council.

Joining the PBTC is not that farfetched. We have many common issues. I am unaware of any issues where the two communities would not be united. And by not joining the MBTC their single-mindedness becomes exposed and over time their power begins to diminish. I would strongly urge you to wait now and not renew your membership in the MBTC and let's see where this idea plays out. According to Brian White, the president of the PBTC, any Mission Beach can join the PBTC, but for now cannot vote. We would need to make sure that we are not just helping to spread the STR virus, and then perhaps we could.

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