Updated: May 1, 2020

By this I mean that the two organizations are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to service of their respective communities. There is a good description of the Save PB group and what its mission is in the May 2020 PB Monthly publication. Save PB actually performs surveys to identify problems in the PB community, like:

- ending the PB block party

- pushing for alcohol free beaches

- pushing for new City ordinance on mini-dorms

- ending alcohol at Kate Sessions park

- shutting down illegal pot shops

- promoting graffiti clean up

- Helping to pass primary only short term rental ordinance

- pushing the City to enact strong regulations for e-scooters

- etc.

And what does Save MB do for Mission Beach? In their own words.

"Save Mission Beach is a local grassroots working group made up of residents, property owners, property managers, and businesses in Mission Beach. We are dedicated to saving and preserving the benefits and long history of second home vacation rentals on the Mission Beach peninsula, and to serve the community as a resource to promote compliance and peaceful coexistence.

Save MB is no more a grassroots organization than the Republican party is. Grassroots is "the people." Save MB is a special interest organization promoting short term rentals. The claim is that the grassroots organization are made up of people from Mission Beach. Not true. While some are, the majority are not living in Mission Beach. And this is one of the big lies, since the majority of short term rentals in Mission Beach are owned and or operated by investors who do not live here.

Long history of vacation rentals in Mission Beach needs to be quantified. The short term rentals as they are known today have a relatively short history, a matter of 10 to 15 years and coincides with the growth of the platforms AirBnB and Home Away.

The vacation rental management companies have no interest in promoting compliance and peaceful co-existence. The owner of 710 Beach Rentals last summer threatened a resident with a law suit if he kept reporting his visitors to the police. This is in spite of the fact that the STR house visitors consisted of one mother and four teenage recent high school, underage graduates celebrating with alcohol.

To date we have worked with Share San Diego, a group we will continue to support as we work towards common sense regulations throughout San Diego. However we felt the need to establish a more focused group for Mission Beach with it's unique community fabric and long history of STRs.

For decades, there were vacation homes in Mission Beach along the boardwalks on the ocean and bay. These dwellings were used only by the owner, friends and relatives. Then in the 1960's, some began to rent the dwellings out during the winter for 9 months and the summer on a short term basis, in spite of the fact that less than 30 day rentals are illegal in San Diego in residential neighborhoods. So for a couple of decades we had about 400 summer winter rentals in Mission Beach that has increased to an astounding 2,000 short term rentals the 2018 and 2019 summers. So, more lies.

We encourage anyone that shares our passion for Mission Beach vacation rentals and tourism to join us. Please spread the word!"

This organization has NOTHING to do with service for the Mission Beach community; it is no more than a self serving group of greedy investors and management company owners. So, I am renaming Save Mission Beach to SAVE BLAINE SMITH, OWNER OF 710 BEACH RENTALS.

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