Updated: May 15, 2020

Since we are in budget discussions I thought it important all should know the following from the Mayor’s proposed budget. It may spur questions for Councilmember Bry. Thank you.

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Summary of Proposed Cuts

  • Libraries closed Sunday/Monday, same for all 36 branches.

  • Rec Centers listed for hours reduction from 60 to 45 hours.

  • Required 4% cuts for all 9 city councilmember offices and city attorney.

  • No CPPS/ACCF funding allocated to city council offices.  

  • Cut 13 code enforcement agents city-wide from Development Services (zoning investigator positions).

  • CIP budget shrinking 50% city-wide, from $711 million to $359 million.

  • Stormwater cuts ($4.9 million city-wide) include water quality monitoring and drainage channel clearance projects.

  • Arts funding cut by 50% - could impact COG grants from City's Arts & Culture Commission.

  • City-wide cuts in tree trimming ($1.9 million), weed abatement ($756,000), and graffiti abatement ($268,000).

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  • No funding included for 2nd trash pickup during summer in Mission Beach. (FY2020 had $70,000 for this).

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  • Police see 13% reduction ($1.8 million city-wide) in shift overtime.  We could see less extended hours for Day Beach Teams.

  • Police reduction of $225,000 in recruitment efforts ($50,000 to recruitment team and $175,000 in marketing).

  • Police request for $170,000 unfunded for Department's dockless mobility enforcement program.

  • Swift Water Rescue Team reduction of $115,000 for out-of-state training, which impacts national certification.

  • Cutting $242,490 for the advanced lifeguard academy.  This provides critical training to 15 Lifeguard 1s each year.

  • Reduction in Fire-Rescue overtime spending by adding regular fire personnel that can backfill.  "Relief Pool" saves $500,000.  

  • No money allocated for sidewalk repairs.


Mission Bay Improvements:

  • $7.9 million in Mission Bay Park Improvement funds for capital projects.

De Anza Revitalization Plan:

  • No funding allocated for "wildest" option to be studied as alternative in EIR.

Pacific Beach Pipeline South:

  • $500,000 funding allocated.

Mission Bay Golf Course:

  • $2,063,816 in CIP (includes clubhouse replacement; irrigation and electrical projects).

Economic Development Department:

  • $225,000 cut that affects fund assistance to BID's for special events.  Could affect certain Discover PB events.

Mobility Department:

  • Budgeted $2.9 million for FY2021.  This is new department created to handle city's new shared mobility plan (scooters, etc).

Golf Course Fund (within Parks and Recreation):

  • $100,000 for temporary trailer while Mission Bay Golf Course clubhouse is under construction (scheduled to begin September 2020).

Utilities Undergrounding Project:

  • $10 million funded city-wide.

Additional Cuts:

*** More cuts will appear in the May 19 revision to absorb further shortfalls from recent event cancellations such as Comic Con, etc.

San Diego FY2020 Budget

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