On March 1-3, I attended the Airport Noise and Emissions Symposium in San Diego. At this meeting, I spoke with Ms. Sjohnna Knack the Airport Authority Noise Abatement Office Manager. I expressed my concern that the original development of the nighttime noise abatement procedure was very likely done illegally as there is no documentation of a NEPA.

She stated that there was nothing that could be done about that, because we have 60 days to challenge. I then began talking about the nighttime noise abatement agreement and our concern that the aircraft currently departing on the 290 post 10 pm up the channel were going to be moved to PADRZ. She stated that the FAA has already performed an assessment for this move. She suggested that I speak with ATC.

Based on my understanding of a NEPA, the only determination that would allow the FAA to effect this change without public reviews is by classifying the change as a category exclusion or CATEX . While we know that there would be a substantial noise increase in MB if this change was to be implemented, it is possible that the FAA only looked at the 65 dB CNEL and concluded that the change from 290 to PADRZ would change the 65 CNEL less than 1.5 dB.

I am trying to find someone at the FAA who I can talk with about what is going on. And, I filed complaints and reports at a couple of FAA sites. But, the problem is that this issue should have been highlighted and brought to the attention of the Mission Beach community some time ago. And the person responsible to do this is Debbie Watkins as the Mission Beach ANAC representative. Either Ms. Watkins was not aware of what was going on, which demonstrates her irresponsibility and lack of commitment to the community, or she did know, which could make her vulnerable for a lawsuit.

Debbie has been on the ANAC for going on 12 years, for a position with a two year term. She has been appointing herself to the position rather than allowing the MBPPB Board Members to vote on the position. This needs to stop, now. One option is for Alan Bark to make it onto the MBPPB and run for Chair. As Chair, he could then appoint himself the ANAC representative. But, I think this is unlikely as Debbie still has a number of allies on the Board. Still getting him on to the MBPPB is a step in the right direction. So, please attend the MBPPB (cancelled for March) and vote for Alan.

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