Please pay attention to a message from Councilmember Bry -- We need her now more than ever.

If you ever needed evidence of dysfunction at City Hall, this is it.

Not only are the insiders attempting to block City Council consideration of the SDSU Purchase and Sale Agreement, they’ve asked for ANOTHER $150,000 of taxpayer money to pay MORE to outside lawyers whose only visible contribution has been to delay the process.


You’d think during health and fiscal crises, political operatives would put the financial security of our City and the will of our voters FIRST.

I’m usually more reserved when I have a different opinion. I understand different perspectives. I appreciate different and most-often well-intended motives.

But if some special interests don’t want a deal to be finished with SDSU, then they should just come out and say so.

They certainly should not turn to the taxpayer in the midst of the largest budget shortfall ever to pay for more consultants and lawyers who have a financial incentive to extend negotiations.

It’s time to listen to the voters.

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