While we would never trade the lives of those lost to COVID-19, the pandemic has given us a taste of what it could be like in Mission Beach. We know Lindbergh is not going away, but we know that efforts are being made around the world and in the US to reduce airport noise over communities by fanning airplanes out, by having the pilots fly noise mitigating thrust profiles during departures, but pushing for more quieter Stage 4 and 5 aircraft using slots.

We did a great job with the noise complaints. The number of complaints coming from Mission Beach far exceeded other communities and put us on the map with the airport authority. Let's keep up the pressure so that they know we are here.

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The proposals do not represent hard and fast requirements as much as they imply an intent to achieve a better quality of life for those residents in Mission Beach who live under the PADRZ flight path.  These proposals should therefore be considered preliminary, meaning that if the proposed configuration does not meet some criterion, it is still incumbent on the experts to find a solution that does meet the intent and also meet the criterion.

• Modify PADRZ SID and add a new nighttime noise abatement SID to reduce noise over Mission Beach, in Pacific Beach and La Jolla and provide more equitable distribution of noise post 10 pm (see Picture)

- Associated with this change is the need for the PADRZ SID R-Navigation software to be changed to replace the parabolic shape (northward facing) with a linear line for the segment from right turn to the first waypoint.  

• Placement of a new, permanent noise monitor in Mission Beach near Capistrano Place and Mission Blvd.

• Add new single event noise level criterion for Quiet Home Program, the level TBD

• Airport Authority will supplement FAA funding for Quiet Home Program to ensure that noise levels in the future are mitigated in individual dwellings more rapidly than they would otherwise increase without the Quiet Home Program

• Investigate alternative flight departure thrust time profiles to identify the one that minimizes noise both in communities inside and outside of the 65 dB CNEL.

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