City Abandons Mission Beach

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Short Term Rentals (STRs), Airport Noise and E-Scooters have each become an impactful issue on Mission Beach, but when they are all combined, the effect is like a nightmare. The City could have implemented STR regulations in 2010 while there were about 800 of them; this compares to the last two summers, when the STR listings reached more than 1,950. We have always had airport noise, but then in 2017, the FAA implemented their NexGen satellite navigation PADRZ SID, which changed the patterns from a fan-out to a narrow corridor, resulting in thousands of monthly complaints to the Noise Abatement Office. And in 2018, the e-scooters arrived, filling the boardwalks on the ocean and bay with hundreds of guided missiles up and down and around the pedestrians. The result was many serious injuries and even deaths. The City's answer was, "we can only do so much, and then it is up to personal responsibility."

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