Updated: Mar 8, 2020

  1. This article describes what is happening, or happened in San Diego and it beach communities.  When vacation rentals were at 400-600, they were part of the culture of Mission Beach, but the past two summers when they were at almost 2,000 dwellings (about 55% of total dwellings), they are clearly undermining the character of the community.

  2. It is clear now that the Mission Beach Town Council Board is dominated by pro-STR industry people who clearly will always vote in their own financial best interest over the interests of residents on any issues where there is a conflict.  The STR Proposal is a good example as 70-90 members who have a vested interest in STRs who showed up for the vote making their one appearance of the year at a town council meeting.  Further, three members of the STR committee, Scott, Cathy and Greg, have now publicly rescinded their votes.

  3. The STR proposal effectively allows for 100 percent of Mission Beach to obtain STR permits.  No STR owner or vacation rental company is going to vote for anything less, because they do not want to risk the possibility that their property will not qualify if the limit is set at twenty percent, for example.

  4. The residents no longer have a voice on this issue in Mission Beach.  The claim that residents of Mission Beach don’t care about this issue is false.  Unfortunately, the residents of Mission Beach don’t believe their voice will be heard.

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