Updated: Feb 18, 2020

For several decades there were 400-500 summer winter rentals in Mission Beach along the boardwalks. Then with the development of the platforms beginning in 2000, the number of STRs began to increase, first doubling by 2010, and then almost doubling again by 2018, so that the past two Julys, there have been almost 60 percent of the dwelling units that are listed as STRs. And while the majority of residents of Mission Beach are opposed to such an excessive number of STRs, the STR industry has taken over the Mission Beach Town Council, the primary advocates for Mission Beach to the City Officials. This needs to change, but the only way this will happen is if the residents form their own council. I believe it is likely that such a residents council would have the support of other town councils as well as the office of the D2 councilmember. Let's make this happen.

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