Open letter to Chair, MBPPB

It is important that the Mission Beach community be made aware of the latest developments on the airport noise issues, since depending on which position prevails, noise levels over South Mission Beach could change dramatically.  This meeting and the MBTC provide the best opportunities to get the word out.

There are currently at least four competing positions all vying for consideration in the months ahead.  There have been multiple ZOOM meetings and many email communications including residents of La Jolla, Bird Rock, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Pt. Loma Heights, and Loma Portal.  Most if not all of those communicating are members of the TAC and CAC.

On numerous occasions, Ms. Watkins and Mr. Trolf were invited to engage in the communications, but either declined or simply did not respond.  Mr. Trolf expressed interest at one time, but then never followed through with me or any other members of the TAC or CAC.

The key parties and their positions are:

Airport Authority/Airport Noise Abatement Office - The last presentation of ideas was on May 25.  Although this is mostly inferred, it seems apparent that this group favors eliminating the nighttime noise abatement agreement 290 departure and moving it to either PADRZ where it is currently located or to one of the new SIDS, Alt 1 and or 2, presented on May 25th.  They do not seem to have any interest in pursuing an optimized NADP, but this is a high priority for the TAC and CAC members.  This group has also expressed strong reservations regarding use of Stage 4 and 5 to decrease noise, but again, there is growing support on both the TAC and CAC.

La Jolla and Bird Rock - This group submitted a proposal to mitigate noise using an ELOS concept that distributes the 27 departures on three SIDS at 275, 285, and 295 degrees.  The origin for the 285 and 295 turns is a point 1.1 miles from the end of the runway.  The proposal states that departures from 0630 to 1130 with destinations east would do so on 275, and departures with destinations north would do so on 285 and 295.  The primary objective of the La Jolla residents seems to be to move all of the aircraft further off-shore before they turn north or south, which helps everyone.

Loma Portal/Pt. Loma/OB - This group supports the ELOS concept, but would propose departures to the east on 275 and 285.  Departures to the north would be on the current PADRZ.  There was a disagreement among the group as far as the nighttime departures.  One group wants all nighttime departures on PADRZ.  The other group would move move departures to the east on 285 and departures to the north on to PADRZ.  This group dismissed any considerations for any noise mitigation for communities outside of the 65 dB CNEL and were generally unhappy with the overall handling of the Part 150 by the Airport Authority.  

Mission Beach - Mission Beach has made it clear that the current nighttime 290 departures will not be moved to PADRZ.  A preliminary complaint has already been filed with the FAA regarding this move; so far the FAA has indicated that they have seen nothing official on this move and can do nothing until there is a formal proposal from the airport.  Mission Beach has also taken the position that any effort to move the 290 to PADRZ will also result in pursuit of the complaint already submitted to the FAA claiming that the original move of the nighttime departures to 290 was illegal, did not trigger a NEPA, and there is no apparent statute of limitations.  Mission Beach also supports either of the proposals from the Airport Authority or La Jolla that moves the PADRZ south of the MB peninsula.  If an ELOS like plan is adopted, then MB prefers the 290 departures be split between 285 and 295, according to their destinations.

Again, there is strong support for an optimized NADP, an assessment of the benefits of all Stage 4 and 5 and and implementation of a scheduled annual limit on numbers of operations at SDIA that maintains the 65 dB CNEL size at an agreed upon size.

Clearly, this cannot be read in two minutes.  I propose that this letter be incorporated into the MBPPB minutes and I provide a 2 minute synopsis under public comment.


Mission Beach

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