I really enjoyed participating in the Belmont Park Plunge groundbreaking ceremony. And I am not sure whose idea it was, I I really appreciate being put at the opposite end of the line from mayor. I had no idea for the longest time that he was such a jerk. It was 2016, when he ran for reelection that I became more involved in the town council. At that point, it seemed like he was not so bad, I mean he was not associated in his first four years with any particular scandal.

And then came the mayor's attempt to implement short term rental regulations. I have already gone through some of the details at that time with Ms. Lowe, who the mayor assigned in Developmental Services to lead the cities efforts to develop regulations. So, just a reminder that the mayor announced his proposed plan, which brought immediate negative reaction from pretty much everyone not involved in the STR industry.

His plan would have allowed an unlimited number of STRs throughout the City, but it was the way he treated Mission Beach that stands out for all time. Mission Beach would be "CARVED OUT." Ultimately, the carve out would not make a big difference in the total number of STRs in Mission Beach, but we would just get to saturation a lot quicker than if we were not carved out.

Fortunately, the whole City, or City Council, rejected his proposal and instead successfully voted on a plan that did not include a carve out of Mission Beach. I guess the mayor considered his proposal being rejected as a big loss, although he promoted Ms. Lowe to be the Director of Development Services. I think fortunately that many of his initiatives have failed to gain traction.

But his latest folly is beyond belief. Contrary to what other mayor's of beach communities have done up the coast implementing a moratorium on short term rentals, our mayor has done nothing, has said nothing, has not even responded to questions from residents about this issue. This is even when the County Public Health official has declared, based on the Governor's directives, that short term rental use by anyone who is not essential is ILLEGAL.

And yet nothing from the mayor's office. Oh, hold it, not nothing. The mayor and Supervisor Cox recently sent a letter to the governor asking that San Diego be allowed to open up, based on the excellent behavior of our residents at our beaches. Are you kidding me! There were so many police and lifeguards at the Mission and Pacific Beach beaches the past couple of weeks, it felt like living in a gulag (a system of labor camps maintained in the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died) that allowed outdoor exercise.

My answer to the mayor................ I did a letter to the UT editor that may or may not be published.

Our mayor has been heaping congratulatory words on San Diegans now for the past week in preparation for the letter with Supervisor Cox to the governor to allow San Diego to open up for business.  He cites examples of exercisers at Mission and Pacific beaches, separated and being completely responsive to signs and directives.  In contrast, we have had relatively poor behavior at Sunset Cliffs.  What could be the difference?  How about police and lifeguard presence never before seen at Mission and Pacific beaches and none at Sunset Cliffs.  We have been asking for a police presence in Mission Beach for years so that we could maintain a semblance of compliance with parking, out of control noisy parties, and huge amounts of trash on the beaches.  You don’t have enough police in the department to open up the beaches until the governor sees that we are ready to move on. 

And one more thing...............that feels much better!

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