Yesterday at the Part 150 CAC meeting, an angry resident of Pt. Loma or Ocean Beach had the following comments to make regarding the recommendation to move PADRZ south so that it flies over the channel. Paraphrased, this would thump Pt. Loma residents, and we have single family homes with families and yards as opposed to Mission Beach which is only multifamily homes. It was not just what he said, but how he said it that was disparaging of our community, as though we do not count.

Thirty years ago or so, local officials worked with the Air traffic Controls personnel to create the 290 Nighttime Noise Abatement Agreement that moved all post 10 pm departures from 275 degrees departure over Ocean Beach to the 290 vector theoretically up the channel. However, there is significant dispersion on this departure resulting in flights over Mission Beach. The noise decrease benefit to Ocean Beach was substantial at about 8 dB SENEL for each flight. This also increased nighttime noise over Mission Beach.

The FAA would prefer to do away with the 290 and move all of the nighttime departures to a SID. The first choice would be to PADRZ, but this would result in a dramatic increase in noise over Mission Beach, is unacceptable and would be challenged by residents here. There are really only two options left, assuming the FAA does want to do away with the 290.

  1. Move PADRZ south to the channel, or

  2. Move all of the nighttime aircraft back to 275.

The consultants offered both of those options yesterday at the CAC meeting. And it was the option that moved PADRZ south (see the chart below), that resulted in a small shift south of the 65 noise contour that got the Pt. Loma/OB resident in such a tizzy. My feeling is that Mission Beach has already compromised and been severely impacted by moving the nighttime noise abatement procedure so far north and by PADRZ.

While there is a decrease in the total number of people and houses in the 65 dB CNEl, there is a slight shift of the noise contour south. This is what caused the Pt. Loma/OB percent to react so angrily and make, not just his disparaging remarks about Mission Beach, but also threatened to take the story to the OB Rag. At some point the Pt. Loma/OB people need to understand that they were given a gift when the 290 nighttime noise abatement agreement moved all of the post 10 pm departures from 275 to 290 and now need to accept Alternative 1B and get on with it.

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