If the mobility device issue was not resulting in such severe and sometimes fatal injuries, it would be a joke. In May of 2018, Councilmembers Zapf and Bry proposed a temporary moratorium on e-scooters because of the history to date and projections of injuries in the summertime period at the beaches.

Data from the City confirmed the worst expectations of residents and Councilmembers Bry and Zapf. At that City Council meeting, Councilmember Sherman asked a scooter company representative if he had been contacted by City government with concerns about the scooters. His answer was no! While perhaps no formal document had been sent to the e-scooter companies from the City, there were many discussions between residents, government officials and the scooter companies.

Now we are back at the City Council with Councilmember Bry asking for support from her colleagues to permanently ban motorized vehicles from the boardwalks. We are not just talking about e-scooters. We are talking about type of motorized vehicle that some company or individuals will come up with in the future, like electric bikes.

These electric beach bikes are now traveling up and down the boardwalk at more than 20 mph. These are dangerous and must be stopped now.

This article speaks for itself.

Rules and regulations for use of motorized scooters and bicycles

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