Forty years ago, the City and the Port Commission pulled a bit of a fast one. The red line in the picture below is referred to as the ZZOOO departure from Lindbergh Field, on a straight out 275 heading. The blue line farther north is the 290 nighttime noise abatement departure, and the white line is the PADRZ 298 departure.

At that time many years ago, it was decided that all nighttime departures past 10 pm would be moved from the 275 to the 290 departure. Yes, this did add quite a bit of noise impact on Mission Beach. At that time, there was quite a bit of scatter or fanning out of both the straight out and the right turn departures as shown in the picture below, so when the nighttime departures were added in to the mix, it was probably not that obvious. Particularly since there was far less information available to the public. Also at that time, there was even more scatter on the straight out departure, although one wonders if some of the departures on the 275 were not headed north to the right after crossing the coast. And since this picture was obtained, JETTI, the flyover waypoint in the ocean has become more accurate, tightening up the scatter substantially.

But, what we have missed is that moving the post 10 pm departures from 275 (the red line in the second picture below) to 290 (the blue line)degrees had an even more profound impact on the residents living in the shaded are in the second picture below. It is unlikely these residents in the shaded area had any idea this was done, which by the way completely violates the FAA requirements, since there is no evidence that a EIR was performed.

Right now, I believe that the Airport Authority and Noise Abatement Office are trying to move the nighttime aircraft on the 290 to PADRZ, so that all of the aircraft are on a satellite navigation departure. This is a worst-case nightmare scenario for Mission Beach and we are fighting back.

Our idea is to move PADRZ south a small distance so that it is on the 290 departure path. Though the departures would not be directly over MB, there would still be quite a bit on noise here. This would of course increase the noise over the area shaded in white. One answer would be to move the nighttime departures to a new SID on 285 degrees, so that it spreads the noise. Some of the nighttime departures going north would be on the new PADRZ at 290 degrees and the ones turning left and going back east would be put on the 285 degree SID.

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