from Will Schussel (Mission Beach resident)

Why is there so much trash in Mission Beach and what should be done about it? The reason there is so much trash in Mission Beach is because of all the STVR's that are operating illegally, meaning they are not supposed to be renting for less than a 30 day stay, and, as a business STVR's are required to have their own trash pickup, and not be using the services provided by the city, for trash pick up, for residents only.  

Since each STVR is a business, they are by (municipal) code not allowed to have the city pick up their trash.

Instead, all STVR's should be using a private trash collector.

Why is it that the MBTC Board is not pushing for all STVR's to use private trash pickup?

Is it because the MBTC Board is now a business centered group, with almost no residents on the Mission Beach Town Council Board, and as a result, the MBTC Board doesn't care that STVR's are breaking the rules/city codes, because it is benefiting the pockets of the majority of the MBTC Board?

Below is the latest from the MBTC Board:

Trash Pick Up - There will not be a second weekly trash pick up in Mission Beach this summer so we must all pitch in and manage our trash accordingly. If you find your containers overflowing please consider a private trash pick up or purchase additional containers either through the city or from a source like Home Depot. Overflowing containers are not only an eyesore but a health hazard. All containers must be removed from your designated point of collection by 6 p.m. on your scheduled collection day. Failure to remove containers is a violation of City of San Diego Municipal Code Section 66.0105. 

Notice there is not a single word mentioning the STVR's in the paragraph above, yet STVR's are the biggest polluters, when it comes to trash. If STVR's had their own private trash pickup, as required by the city, we would not need a second trash pickup for Mission Beach, and the city would not have to spend almost a $100,000.00 each summer, as was done for the last few summers, to pick up trash for illegal businesses, STVR's.

Unfortunately the city will not enforce its' own codes, and no one is forcing the illegal STVR's to pay for their own private trash pick up.

Greed is more important to the majority of the MBTC Board, then are the lives of the  Residents of Mission Beach.

Shame on the City, and shame on the MBTC Board.


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