Updated: May 7, 2020

My letter to the San Diego UT Editor for publication: More than once, we have pointed out to our mayor that County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher has stated that short term rentals, which are illegal in the first place, are not on the essential businesses list, which the mayor has ignored.Mission Beach the last two summers had more than fifty percent of its total dwellings used as vacation rentals.Using AirDNA projections for the upcoming summer months, the revenue to the short term rental owner/investors would be roughly $8.2M for about 90,000 STR visitors on the smallest lots in San Diego. What then are the odds we are going to have two or three coronavirus clusters here during the summer months, and those clusters are going to spread and people are going to die.Those visitors would bring about $325,000 in TOT revenue to the City, but at what cost Mr. Mayor?

There are many locales that have temporarily banned short term rentals. If there is any place in the US that should be banning STRs for now, it is Mission Beach. But, the town council is doing just the opposite. Instead of promoting a moratorium on STR visitors as Supervisor Fletcher has stated (actually he said no STR visitors anywhere in San Diego County, since it is a non-essential use). But our town council is dominated by people who live off of the STR industry. This is one of the reasons I resigned from the town council and looking forward to a new organization based on residents ONLY.

We have some legitimate businesses in Mission Beach that could benefit from some STR visitors coming in and purchasing items, but at what cost? There is no guarantee that long time residents won't also be infected, but this is a pretty low area for coronavirus. How many of you want to risk going into a restaurant knowing that there could very well have been an infected STR visitor also in the establishment, from Italy.

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