The difference between the Mission Beach Town Council and the PBTC and the Clairemont TC are night and day. The PBTC and the CTC continue to conduct business making the best of it and adapting to the requirements of COVID 19. The difference is that the PBTC and the CTC are focused on servicing their communities, while the MBTC is focused on servicing its short term rental investors.

It is no coincidence that the MBTC has virtually shut down during this period when the vacation rental business is at its peak, after all, the MBTC is no more than a business association at this point. While many of the current members of the town council support the Board's decision to put the Bylaws, requests for up to date membership by its Area Representatives, and, oh yes, an election in November on the back burner, they may have gone too far for some of the residents. One in particular asked the membership Chair, Dane Mcleary, for membership information, as in names and addresses of membership. More on this in a moment.

I sent in a request for an explanation for the election suspension in November, but was told that it is all about the COVID 19 crisis. This was decided at the Board level; no request for confirmation from the membership was made. In the meantime, PBTC and the Clairemont TCs are both moving forward with their elections. So it seems that Trump is not the only one willing to violate ethical standards to stay in office.

We do have at least one Mission Beach resident willing to challenge Matt and the town council. In the event the MBTC is forced to hold their election in November, then stay tuned. The residents do have options. The PBTC is more than willing to welcome any and all MB residents, or we continue to build upon the residents group we have started, or we organize and take back the town council.

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