This is the response from the FAA to the question, provide documentation for the nighttime noise abatement agreement.

In the SCT and SAN LOA, the following procedure is in place: Between the hours of 2200 and 0630, departures normally assigned a 275 degree heading must be assigned a 290-degree heading for vectors to the next fix.

Decades ago, this agreement was put together and implemented. The problem is that this change resulted in a substantial noise impact on Mission Beach and more noise for Pacific Beach and La Jolla. And this magnitude of new noise impact cannot be implemented without a FAA NEPA assessment. Based on everything that I have heard, seen, and read, no NEPA was done. Therefore the procedure is illegal. There is no appeal time limit, because there was no NEPA.

The FAA implemented their new NexGen PADRZ flight procedure, which up to now has maintained that the 290 nighttime noise abatement agreement departure is separate and apart from NexGen. But, it is clear that the Airport Authority is now trying to integrate the nighttime noise abatement agreement into PADRZ.

I would not be surprised if Ms. Debbie Watkins, the Mission Beach ANAC representative was not aware of this.

We need to write letters to Congressman Scott Peters to ask him to investigate this issue.

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