The Mission Beach Town Council now has a majority of its board members who have a significant business interest in short term rentals in Mission Beach. The Mission Beach Town Council Board is more interested in generating money from short term rentals that have been virtually shut down with the beach closures than they do in the health of residents living in Mission Beach. Many of the residents are elderly and most susceptible to poor outcomes if infected by the vacation rental visitors who move in for one week, or less.

The map below shows roughly 1,500 purple dots. Each dot is a vacation rental in Mission Beach. This means that each dot could be a family or even families of 10-15 crammed into a vacation rentals to keep the costs down. It is difficult to conceive that all of these visitors coming into a community where dwellings are in such proximity from all over the world will not result in multiple clusters of the virus in Mission Beach.

While the monetary benefits to the City will depend on how many of the STRs have TOT certificates, it will not come close to the suffering and death that will result amongst the many elderly living here.

The City of San Diego has a terrible record of compliance and enforcement. The warm days are here. We could end up with a zoo. The San Diego City must say no to opening up the beaches and boardwalk until 1) there is a treatment for the virus, or there is a reliable plan to ensure and minimize the number of short term rental people coming into Mission Beach.

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