MBTC STR Regulations are meaningless!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Blaine Smith of 710 Beach Rentals stacked the deck making votes on resolutions like the STR proposed regulations unacceptable. During a period when there is a housing crisis, the committee was told not to consider housing. As a result, the final version of the regulations would allow an unlimited number of permits in Mission Beach. Just to be clear............AN UNLIMITED NUMBER IN A HOUSING CRISIS.

Campbell's proposal states that the number of STRs is being reduced from 16,000 to 3,750, oh but then there are the 1086 STR permits set aside for Mission Beach and of course the unlimited number of Tier 1 and 2 permits. Then if we dig deeper, according to AirDNA, there are now about 10,000 active STRs, with 83 percent of those whole home rentals and the rest room sharing. So, actual total number of whole home STRs now is 7,762. The decrease is far less than fifty percent. Seems like we can do better.

And less than half of the current active STRs are in the beach communities. Supposedly, there are around 2,300 active STRs in the various downtown communities. And this appears to be the fastest growing area in the City, so not sure the platforms are going to give up this asset. Or, the other possibility is that most of the downtown STRs are violating their own HOA rules, and in the event of any STR regulations could disappear. Or, once legalized, they may not disappear.

The point is this. La Jolla, pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach may end up sharing a lot more than they are currently thinking, depending on the system used to obtain a STR permit.

While the greatest concentration of STR listings is near the water, the majority of the total listings, while very dispersed, is somewhere else. Again, it is not clear what Campbell's strategy is for STRs, except to reduce the number, but still allowing a substantial number in a Mission Beach CARVE OUT. I think it is very likely that everyone, and even more owners will apply for a STR permit

Communities STR Listings

Mission Beach 1632

Pacific Beach 1215

Ocean Beach 495

East Village 701

La Jolla 883

North Park 402

Park West 284

Hillcrest 251

Clairemont 228

Pt Loma 179

Little Italy 214

Gas Lamp 185

Golden Hill 165

University City 137

Normal Hts 57

Bay Park 135

Midtown 112

Carmel Valley 100

Cortez 88

Linda Vista 92

South Park 92

Sherman Heights 75

Mission Hills 75

Moreno 75

Logan Heights 79

College 25

Linda Vista 92

Grant Hill 67

Rancho Penasquitos 49

Adams North 49

Old Town 54

Rancho Bernardo 46

Kensington 43

Mountain View 33

Encanto 30

Allied Gardens 35

Talmadge 29

Bay Terrace 26

Barrio Logan 28

Del Cerro 27

Birdland 21

Oak Park 19

Janacho Lomits 18

Lake Murray 20

Fairmont Park 16

Mira Mar 16

Sorrento Valley 21

Redwood Village/Roland Park 15

Balboa Park 19

Stockton 11

Scripps Ranch 13

Mount Hope 16

Buringgame 10

Shelltower 7

San Carlos 16

Ridgeview Webster 6

Black Mountain Ranch 9

Carmel Mountain 9

Mira Mar Ranch North 9

Skyline 6

Emerald Hills 8

Core Colombia 88

Harborview 31

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