Many decades ago, and I am piecing this together from others recollections, a nighttime noise abatement agreement was developed with the following parties involved: Councilmember D2, Congressman from 52nd District, FAA ATC, and the Airport Authority. As far as I know, the idea was promoted by residents from Pt. Loma and OB, but there was no one from Mission Beach involved.

The redline in the picture below shows the nominal departure track pre-10 pm, while the yellow line shows the post 10 pm nominal track. Obviously, this decreased noise over the larger population in Pt. Loma and OB, but increased it for Mission Beach. Any change like this, and I repeat this statement, any change like this requires a FAA NEPA review and assessment, with a sixty (60) day appeal period that is far gone. But, after several attempts to provide documentation, the FAA has declared that there is none. There was no NEPA and therefore, there is no sixty (60) day appeal limit. This change violated FAA rules and requirements and likely would not have been approved by the FAA had a formal assessment been conducted. So, I believe the parties knew what they were doing bypassing the FAA process.

I think we all know that when the FAA implemented the PADRZ SID, it concentrated the noise over a relatively small area of South Mission Beach. This has resulted in a substantial increase in the number of airport noise complaints from SMB residents. One of our objectives since the implementation of PADRZ has been to promote moving this track south over the jetty channel, which would be the first segment inn the yellow line below.

We also believe that there is a more equitable nighttime noise abatement solution, one that creates a new SID midway between ZZOOO and PADRZ. This is approximately shown as a purple line in the picture below. This proposed approach would equally share the noise day and night over Mission Beach, Pt. Loma and Ocean Beach, and slightly reduce noise in Pacific Beach and La Jolla. This is my objective. Please let me know if you have questions.

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