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we need to reopen our economy now, there may never be a vaccine

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At the start of the state and national lock down I understood the reason to be so that we could flatten the curve so as to not overwhelm our hospitals and build a supply of PPE equipment. From what I understand from reading and talking to people I know who are involved in the health care industry San Diego and pretty much most of the state of California have met that goal through the hard work of our citizens. I believe it’s been around 20 days since the peak of the hospital bed use. But now it seems the goal posts have been moved. There is certainly no guarantee that a vaccine for COVID-19 will ever be invented so I believe that now is the time to start acting like there will never be one and open our economy using common sense so that we save our small businesses (710 Beach Rentals), our cities, our state and the federal government from going broke (OH YES, AND MY SHORT TERM RENTAL AS WELL) before it’s too late for us to recover. We for certain need to protect our vulnerable populations which are mainly seniors. We have to focus and increase protection efforts in nursing homes and any type of communal living and reinforce to those that have preexisting conditions that they must continue to protect themselves. The remainder of population needs to quickly get back to work following realistic social distancing guidelines. I don’t think we are adequately taking into consideration the damage being done to the health of our population from missed diagnoses and preventive care that has been halted or the damage to our population that will be caused by increases in alcoholism, drug addiction and suicides.

The loss of employment opportunities for all but especially the loss of opportunities for our youth and new college graduates. We have teenagers and early 20 somethings sitting around and that always leads to trouble. Right now many feel like they’re jobs may be safe because they work from home or are working in a government position or in construction, but if we do not reopen our economy soon no one’s job may be safe. We are already looking at unemployment numbers that are greater than the great depression. I’m 65 years old and financially will get through this pretty much no matter what happens. What I’m concerned with is the damage that what we are doing to the generations following us. If a vaccine is never created herd immunity be the only way to slow or stop the spread of Covid-19 (can we please get this right; the virus that is spreading is the novel coronavirus, not COVID-19; the two terms are not interchangeable. Once someone has been infected with the coronavirus, it can develop into COVID-19. People who develop COVID-19 are the ones in danger of dying), so let’s not create an economic situation that will take decades to recover from. Yes there will be more sick people and more deaths but the long term effects of a decade’s long depression may cause even more sickness and more death. Please open the economy now and give people the opportunity to save our businesses and governments from irreparable damage. Some citizens will act stupidly but give us some credit most people understand the seriousness of the situation and will work to be as safe as possible in an open economy while herd immunity takes hold. 3 days ago ·

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Giovanna Capote , Riviera Sail Bay Thank you for your post. Edited 2 days agoThank Reply 1 Brian McCarthy , Mission Beach Not I. Who said there will NEVER be a vaccine? The great majority of experts say that a relaxing of restrictions WILL result in a surge, and destroy what we have gained so far. It IS going to take some time to recover. Years. Don;'t make it decades. 2 days agoThank Reply 10 dan pearson , P.B. North Shore Highlands South Georgia has experienced a 40% spike in deaths since they opened. Is that what you want? 2 days agoThank Reply 3 Keith Brafford , Crown Point Central Post the data. Let's analyze it. 2 days agoThank Reply 4 Matt Belardes , P.B. North Get ready for your friendly neighbors to call you a science denier, accuse you of wanting to murder grandmas, and shame you for only caring about money. Welcome to NextDoor. Edited 2 days agoThank Reply 4 Keith Brafford , Crown Point Central If Next Door has taught me anything, it's that I am surrounded by absolute monsters who don't care about their fellow human. As long as their paycheck or trust fund payment is still showing up on time, they don't give a shit about the rest of us. 2 days agoThank Reply 4 See 4 more replies Alan Bark , Mission Beach Ever hear of collateral damage? The draconian response to this virus will end up killing far more than the virus itself, as well as destroying millions of lives. Believe the “experts”, “scientists” and politicians trying to CTA? I can’t imagine trusting or following a financial advisor whose advice and projections turn out hundreds of percent wrong? Edited 2 days agoThank Reply 6 Gary Glenwood , Riviera Sail Bay Conjecture. You have no way of knowing that. 2 days agoThank Reply See 4 more replies Dean Meek , Mission Beach Thank you for your post. My thoughts agree with yours 2 days agoThank Reply 1 Brian McCarthy , Mission Beach How about the financial advisor,POTUS, who predicted 15 dead, followed by NONE? Lately, in the face of facts, he says maybe 50K, but that's on the low side of 100K, he said. So be thankful for that. He readjusts his estimate, day to day. Now? He says maybe 80K. And we are still in May. Not August. No, not his advice, but the medical experts (no quotes) are the ones to hear. And the huge majority of them say a surge is on the way . It is not that they have no compassion for those who are not getting their usual paycheck...but we are headed for 80,000 or more Americans who will die. Needlessly. Such "collateral" damage is not acceptable. 1 day agoThank Reply Matt Belardes , P.B. North I'm a Democrat who voted for Bernie (twice). If Biden were President right now we would have 1 million dead already. Get ready for Round 2 of Trump this November. No one to blame but yourselves this time. 1 day agoThank Reply 2 See 5 more replies Terri Paris , Riviera Sail Bay It only takes one person to infect 512 innocent people within 27 days. Do you understand the math? Opening up most businesses will put everyone in danger. Do you really believe that everyone will wear masks and gloves while social distancing in an office setting for 9 hrs a day? Won't happen. People in PB aren't even wearing masks or social distancing NOW with loosened restrictions. Put these idiots in a work environment and within 2 months we KNOW that people will catch it like fire. Remember that this virus doubles every 3 days. Don't even start with this sabotaging of the wellbeing of our society by claiming that folks are too uncomfortable being in their own safe homes with their families. There won't be a vaccine for about 14 months. San Diego COVID-19 death numbers are at 3% here. Keep in mind that the flu only kills less than 1% so this SARS-COV-2 virus kills over 300% more than the flu. We aren't even at the tip of the iceberg here yet and the numbers of deaths would have been close to 13,000 had we not quarantined, worn masks, and social distanced. The cases are already growing here as restrictions have been loosened. "People always come before Money." The U.S. is bankrupted already, accept that, and it will take years for us to get back on track. We are in a recession and headed toward a depression. Starting to open up SD too early only kills more people UNLESS they find a way to work from home. The U.S. is the WORST COUNTRY in the world. Don't even talk about people feeling sorry for themselves by staying at home. Think of the doctors, nurses, aides, receptionists, EMTs, police, firemen, teachers, grocery workers, meat plant workers, agricultural workers who risk their lives every day for us. They would all LOVE to stay at home with their families and be safe with them. We will have to work from home for a while as best we can. Others who can't work at home are stuck there with their families and if they can't control their kids they need to learn how to be better parents. The risks are too high to society. Without people we have no economy either. It will be 5 to 7 years at this point for the U.S. to recover. It's only going to get worse before it gets better. 1 day agoThank Reply 1 Keith Brafford , Crown Point Central Terri: “do you understand the math?” Also Terri: <<posts a percentage calculation that demonstrates she actually doesn’t understand math>> 1 day agoThank Reply 2 Frank Feeney , Riviera Sail Bay Clearly someone cares more about profits than people... 1 day agoThank Reply Michelle Hamilton , Crown Point Central This is very true. Who ever unleashed this on us didn't know what they were getting into. This particular virus seems to mutate in almost everyone infected by it . Apparently it was dispersed in areas where people are more shoulder to shoulder than we are here. Thankfully we didn't get hit too hard but needless to say Trump, Chi a Russia or whoever infected us didn't know what they were using and didn't plan a vaccine beforehand. So this thing will keep mutating. It will keep changing to where it is impossible to create a vaccine. So it's time that we start living again and hopefully most of us will become immune to it just by its existence with us. Now we need to move on with the rest of our lives. But all of you that are so willing to cower in place without even thinking are asking any questions you are the ones who are dragging this out no one else. It's time to stand up and move forward. I always taught my sons no matter what's going on you keep looking forward you keep moving in an upward direction. And I advise that of all of us as well. 1 day agoThank Reply

Rob Brown , Mission Beach AGREED! Automobile accidents kill ~36k+ Americans per year and injure far more. This includes death and permanent injury for pedestrians who aren't driving and are innocent 3rd parties. More young and elderly people are at risk to accidents which insurance rates demonstrate. Senior drivers as a group are more accident-prone than their middle-aged counterparts. The reasons for this include age-related changes in hearing or vision, slower reflexes, health conditions and medications. In addition, regardless of accident severity, older drivers suffer graver injuries and more fatalities than younger people. If all lives are truly precious and more important than the economy, we should ban all air travel and automobile travel permanently too. Oh wait, as a society we consider the ~36k deaths per year acceptable for the utility and economic benefits of the automobile....

ROB BROWN LIVES TO CONVERT EVERY DWELLING UNIT IN MISSION BEACH TO A SHORT TERM RENTAL.... HA, HA, HA 1 day agoThank Reply 2 Greg Knight , Mission Beach Not sure if next door can pick up this video, but is this what you mean? From last night. 1 day agoThank Reply 3 Cathy Ives , Mission Beach That is terrible. 20 hr agoThank Reply 1 Ryan Michaels , P.B. Southwest Check out this article about the Hong Kong flu in 1968 18 hr agoThank Reply Cathy Ives , Mission Beach This check states that the dates that the global Hong Kong Influenza pandemic took place, 1968-1969, coincide with Woodstock festival that took place in August 1969. While this timeline of dates is true, the festival did not take place during the peak of this pandemic. The peak for most U.S. states was December 1968 and January 1969 (Dec 28, 1968 in New York state). The second ‘wave’ of illness that happened in 1969-1970 was less severe than the first in the U.S. ( here ). Most deaths in the U.S. (70%) were during the first wave. As with most cases of influenza, its occurrence subsided over the summer of 1969 before returning in the later months of 1969 for its second wave (visible in Figure 1 here ) . As such, Woodstock festival did happen between the first and second waves of the new H3N2 ‘Hong Kong Flu’ that emerged in 1968, but not during a peak in infections and months after the first, deadlier wave of the virus hit the U.S. 18 hr agoThank Reply Gary Glenwood , Riviera Sail Bay Moot point. Woodstock was pre-globalization of the economy. 17 hr ago

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