Larry Webb's selective consideration of the laws that impact our beach community!

I agree with many of Larry's statements regarding the impact of the many illegal actions he describes on the quality of life of Mission Beach residents. But he totally misses the point blaming the policy on Chief Nisleit. And the timing of his complaining is incredibly suspect. We need to take a closer look at his choice of words as well.

I don't know Larry except by his previous communications, but from these I know that he loves to categorize actions and or policies as either progressive or conservative. I believe that his frequent use of the word progressive in a negative context in his letter more than anything else reflects his political position. But it gets even worse. Larry owns and operates short term rentals in Mission Beach. And he is on the Mission Beach Town Council Board that is well stocked with pro-short term rental members. So, one has to question if Larry is not simply shifting blame from the short term renters to anyone else..

He neglects in his message to mention that the mayor's "progressive" interpretation of the law includes allowing property owners/investors to violate the municipal code with impunity. Larry is more than happy to see garbage/trash picked up at short term rentals all summer, in violation of the municipal code. He is more than happy to see short term rentals operate using converted garages, or for short term rental investors to ignore the American's for Disability Act (ADA), in contrast to other public accommodations, called hotels. He also seems to be good with a small percentage of the short term rental investors in Mission Beach not filling out their census forms, even though this is required by law. He also seems to be OK with short term rental visitors leaving their garbage cans over-flowing into the alleys as they drive back to Arizona, or Nevada, providing just the right environment for the flies. And, based on his lack of inaction this summer, seems to be OK with the illegal STR visitors partying to all hours, beating up residents, and parking where ever they want. Who does he think was building the fires close in to the boardwalk in the sand, or setting off fireworks brought over from Arizona. But no mention of the problems associated with short term rentals in his letter.

There is no debate about the illegality of short term rentals under the San Diego Municipal Code, but setting that aside, the Mission Beach Planned District Ordinance could not be more explicit about what is and is not allowed for temporary lodgers in Mission Beach. And, it is not 99 percent of the short term rentals. Larry is just fine with a progressive interpretation of the municipal code, or no interpretation at all when it comes to STRs.

I also find it interesting that Larry is first in line advocating for new regulations for short term rentals in the City, claiming that all that is needed is strong enforcement, while criticizing the police department for their education program. Larry does not seem to understand why the SDPD cannot ensure that all of the laws are not enforced to the maximum in Mission Beach, a community that is 0.16 square miles, while the San Diego Police Department is responsible for 372 square miles. So, does he really believe, or does he say it with fingers crossed behind his back, that a code enforcement group many times smaller than the SDPD, is going to ensure that there will be no problems with enforcement of the short term rental regulations for the proposed 4,836 whole home rentals, plus an unlimited number of whole home rentals during summer months, spread out over the 372 square miles of San Diego. While the letter from Larry has some merit, as a representative of the short term rental industry, his letter is clearly promoting the same message as AirBnB coming out and claiming that there will be no more parties at their short term rentals. Ha Ha!

an open letter to our police chief. An open letter to police Chief David Nisleit: During a recent Mission Beach Town Council meeting Officer Brandon Broaddus was asked why so many warnings were given out to violators of issues like illegal fires, illegal fireworks and other public safety violations instead of actual citations. He explained that the Chief has instituted a progressive policing policy to educate people before issuing citations. This policy has led to all of San Diego’s beach communities have been overrun with public safety violations during this summer, Chief Nisleit’s progressive policy has only resulted in progressively more violations of public safety and progressively more dangerous violations up to and including the use of firearms. It’s really like telling a child to clean their room or else… of course without any penalty the child continues the action. Illegal actions like fires in the sand may not seem like that big of a deal but these late night gatherings lead to many other violations of public safety besides the pollution they cause to our air and beaches, they are the spark so to say of other problems. When there are no penalties for violations like these, people feel free to continue to commit them and other violations and tell their friends not to worry about the law because nothing will happen. Chief, perhaps it’s time to stop being progressive and stick to the definition of law enforcement: the department of people who enforce laws, investigate crimes, and make arrests: the police. Larry Webb A Mission Beach Resident

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