Updated: Jun 17, 2020

My question is, does Ms. Campbell have any interests at all in what has been happening in her district since she was elected? Can she even relate to her constituents? Does she only listen to the groups who ensured her election, the unions? Yes, the City budget is under attack by the coronavirus and has taken a big hit, but she failed at even our most fundamental ask, the second trash pickup. So my question is, has she earned the right to finish her term? Should we wait until her term is up to find someone who is committed to the D2 constituents?


She waited for Councilmember Bry to take the lead on e-scooters. She has flip flopped on short term rentals, stating that she favored enforcement of the municipal code that would prohibit short term rentals in residential neighborhoods to now looking for a compromise. We have requested her involvement on airport noise now since day one, but only once did I have an opportunity to sit down with her staff and outline the issues for Mission Beach.

Debbie Watkins has been controlling and manipulating the Mission Beach Precise Planning Board for almost 200 years, violating the Brown Act with impunity, and Ms. Campbell has done nothing. As far as I know, she has been equally non-responsive to Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. She came to the Mission Beach Town Council once, and responded to an airport noise question with an answer that was so wrong, but with such confidence, that you had to ask yourself, what has she been doing in her office since she was elected? Because as far as I can tell, this must be where she spends all of her time.

She is a doctor, and doctors have been trained to operate as though they are on a small island, but to give answers with great confidence to provide at least some psychological relief to her patients. But, that is not enough for us. Many of us in all of her communities have many questions.

Also, we see party partisanship all day long every day at the national level. And we have seen it on our City Council as well, but I am concerned about another coalition that might try to subvert one of our mayoral candidates, Councilmember Barbara Bry. Barbara Bry's position on Short Term Rentals is clear.....enforce the municipal code that prohibits STRs in residential neighborhoods, like Mission Beach. Regardless of what comes out of the Mission Beach Town Council, the number and percent of STRs in Mission Beach has increased dramatically since 2010, or even 2007 when AirBnB was first introduced to the world and Mission Beach became a target of investors.

Many months ago, State Assemblymember Todd Gloria took a different position on STRs. Problem is we don't know what that is. When asked about this issue, his answer goes something like this.....sdjfnsdj;lks'pogjpg[0t49us9spjtps09sjjsjgpjgjhehjsgjeje0e9g and further more pweojpe aproeprpfp vgperjpps;g ps95] ]empgmgbpgjzz. But one point he made very clear. This is an easy problem to solve. There is no reason why the City Council cannot have this resolved before the election in November 2020. That was quite a bold statement from our past interim mayor who had every opportunity to address this action many years ago when AirBnB was a smidgen of its current size. But he didn't solve anything, because you have to address it before you can solve it.

As mentioned previously, Bry has taken a position, and that position is based on protecting our neighborhoods, our residents, our hotels, and our tax revenues. But her position could be undermined if even a set of STR regulations were published for public comment before the elections. And guess what, Ms. Campbell is secretly putting together draft STR regulations that she says she will publish soon. She claims that she has spoken to community groups, but she has not spoken with the PBTC, nor the residents of Mission Beach, nor Ocean Beach and or Pt. Loma. She is simply put the problem of coming up with regulations to her staff. So what is her motivation for flipping her position to enforce the code in support of Bry, to publishing STR publications that will very well support Gloria.

Why would she support Gloria in the first place. The LGBTQ political coalition is well known in San Diego that includes Toni Atkins, Todd Gloria, Georgette Gomez, Chris Ward, and Jen Campbell. My question is, and I don't know the answer, is this coalition collaborating to increase support for Todd Gloria for mayor. And, again speculating, but with a reasonable degree of anecdotal evidence, is this group working together to support a preliminary set of STR regulations simply because it would undermine Bry's position and possible support on "enforce the code?" To me this would be unacceptable, and is one more reason on top of everything else to seriously ask the question.............

Is it time to consider a recall?

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