Dear City and County Officials,

I have pasted one example of the many messages I’ve received on the Next door site (in green).  I started a string entitled Sunset Cliffs Nightmare.  You guys should take a peak.  I wonder what a lawsuit would look like if emergency responders were unable to respond to a call that resulted in the death of the person in questions.  A good lawyer could sift back thru all of these postings, and e mails and see the many, many residents that were warning of dire consequences if the city and county continued to sit on there hands and not take a proactive stance in protecting our citizens, both visitors and residents alike.

Next Door Post Here:

Medical Emergency last night next door to me in the 1100 block of Sunset Cliffs around 9:30PM & there was so much traffic the ambulance had a hard time even being able to pull up to the house. Not one police officer came to help direct traffic that was pushed into one lane.

Every night is getting worse.  And your liability increases every day.  I’ve heard many things over the last few days that chill me to the bone.  There have been assaults.  I was threatened again a few nights ago with physical violence.  Many of my neighbors have been.  How about Karen’s e mail to you guys about the urine and defecation near her house.  I know none of you ever intended that Get It Done would show up and say there was no violation?  I know you intended for this app to work for the people not against.  It was such a slap in the face to Karen’s family and to her children.  Here is her email again for those of you that may not have read it (in red)

Karen’s E Mail to you:

Now a good morning to you City and County Leaders,

Just a quick follow up on my email from yesterday.  At 8:45am this morning I saw a City of SD truck stop for about 5 minutes to look the location with the photo below of human poop, pregnancy tests, tampons, trash, etc.  I was happy someone was going to clean it up.  

NOPE!  He never got out of the car and drove off.  Five minutes later I received an update report for my SD Get it Done request via email.  It states, "Your report was evaluated and no violation was found."  WHAT?  So it just stays there indefinitely?  I spoke with a motorcycle police officer yesterday and showed him.  He said absolutely do not touch it and to report to SD Get it Done.  I want the city to see just how bad it is here and they just brush it off?  Really?  Do you approve?  This area needs to be completely sprayed down and disinfected.  It is where I usually park my car and have my kids and dog enter and exit our car.  I know for a fact it is human poop.  Please help!  

Please come down to the cliffs at night between 9:30pm-1am and watch the hoards of people and solid stream of cars.  It is nothing I have ever seen before here.  You will be lucky to find a spot to park within a couple blocks.  Less than half the people will be wearing masks.  Last night I heard a verbal altercation between a male and female about parking outside my window.  The gentleman finally gave in.  I was about to call the non-emergency number to report.  I can not believe a police sobriety check point has not be established in the later hours.  My morning walks are littered with empty beer and liquor bottles.  I could go on and on…

Please help keep us safe!

Karen Sahd

There are residents that are very close to the edge of their patience.  If you do nothing to help I am really afraid of where this will go.

I want to help.  I am retired and I will volunteer my time to help this get solved.  I don’t want to see my neighbors hurt.  They mean well and only want to protect their families.  Our solution is simple.  Close the park at night and have the police patrol and ask nonresidents to leave the neighborhood after dark.  Set up alcohol check points and cite for DUI’s.  If you do these simple things a big part of the problem goes away fast.

Please let’s work together.  I am available.

Glen Volk

C 619.540.1698

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