Updated: Feb 19, 2020

While the picture above showing Sherman and Gloria together is manufactured, the symbolic concept of the picture, the mutual support from the vacation rental industry, is accurate. While Gloria's position paper claims that he will enforce the municipal code and stop vacation rentals in San Diego, his true intent is to carve out Mission Beach and allow the platforms to set the regulations. Sherman's position is well documented. He has never seen a short term rental that he did not like.

Gloria is a lot more sneaky. He changes colors faster than a chameleon depending on what audience he is standing in front of at the moment. His position paper states that he will enforce the code, but also he will work to reach a compromise. Gloria already had the opportunity to to promote a compromise, if he had supported AB 1731 instead of killing it, but killing it was the more politically expedient approach. He could not afford to give Bry a second win after the scooters ban on the boardwalks.

Councilmember Bry will protect the residents of Mission Beach and return hundreds of housing stock back to the long term market. SUPPORT BRY FOR MAYOR

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