Quote for a resident of Mission Beach,

"I have said it many times.  The message right now and especially over the past 2 months needs to be very clear - THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO COME DOWN AND VISIT.  This includes STVRs, residents friends, my friends, college classmates, etc.  Until the stay at home order is lifted, people should not be coming down and visiting the beach.  This last weekend we saw a lot of the vacation rentals filled with vacationers and some that came here just for the protest in PB.   

I had a good talk with Nathan Fletcher's office today, and they were surprised to hear that people were down in Mission Beach on vacation.   They said that only essential people should be coming down, and even they should be staying at hotels.   They also said that all non-essential travel is currently illegal and to report it to the police (we did this only to have the police say they can't do anything right now).  Opening of parks and beaches was supposed to be for the people who could walk or bike to the area, not drive across town or the county.  The quickest way to get our beaches back to being fully closed is to over crowd the area which we pretty much did last weekend."

Quote from AirBnB executive,

“After we’re given the ‘all clear’ and you’re ready to venture out of your home and into other cities, where are you going to want to stay?” said Paul Maguire, managing partner at Iron Edge VC, whose fund owns Airbnb and is looking to buy more on the secondary market. “You’d be more likely to opt for a short-term house rental than checking into a big Marriott filled with hundreds of strangers.”

Mission Beach Town Council Announcement (Larry Webb, communications chair and owner/operator of short term rentals in Mission Beach)

Everyone wants to see the beach open back up for all activities, but the City is progressing in phases to ensure that residents conform to good health practices, separation, wearing masks, etc. County Supervisor has made it clear that Mission Beach is not opened up for short term rental visitors, and again, there is a reason for this. It appears there are very few COVID-19 cases in the Mission Beach population of about 3500 residents. But if Mission Beach opens up to short term rentals, the populations could quickly swell by a factor of three or more. And these would be visitors from everywhere. There is no COVID test verification before these people move in. They could be infected but not symptomatic visitors.

Is the Mayor of San Diego this stupid, or are there external and internal forces pressuring him to allow this large potential influx of infected visitors to Mission Beach? Elyse Lowe, now Developmental Services Manager for the City clearly has a conflict of interest, as her parents own and operate a short term rental in Mission Beach. And is mayor Faulconer currently interviewing for a job at AirBnB? Or he he just stupid like a fox?

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