Coronavirus unintended consequences

Maybe this unintended experiment could be used to better understand the emission regulations," Stavrakou said. "It is some positive news among a very tragic situation."

Here the author is talking about various kinds of smog, but there have been other unintended consequences or benefits to residents living in Mission Beach:

1. E-scooters are not here

2. Airport noise is virtually gone

3. Short term rentals are virtually gone

And as the author suggested, air pollution is down substantially. Perhaps this is one of those ah ha moments when we realize how much more amazing it would be to live here in Mission Beach without the scooters, and airport noise, and short term rentals. May be this is the time to start a petition to awaken the idea of moving the airport to Pendelton. Of maybe the residents of Mission Beach should get together with the residents of Pacific Beach and push to shut down all vacation rentals. Or we could all just vote for Bry who has committed to shut down these virus incubation boxes. Or maybe a short term rental is more like a bacteria. Food for thought.

One elderly neighbor who sits outdoors a lot during the day commented that she has seen far less black soot on her table recently. No big surprise. In a related story, the Airport Authority is attempting to move forward rapidly to wrap up the noise studies; however, we are have initiatives ongoing on several fronts that should be considered in both the flight procedures and the Part 150 studies. Fortunately, one of the members of the CAC challenged the Noise Abatement Office personnel to slow down and give all of us a chance to review exactly where we are before moving forward too quickly.

In the meantime, the number of aircraft operations at Lindbergh continues to be extremely low at about 160 operations daily. For us in Mission Beach, this translates to:

1. Half of these or 80, are departures.

2. About one-third of these are departing on PADRZ, or about 26.7 departures over us in the 17 hour day, or

3. 1.6 departures per hour on average

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