The vacation rental people are here from coronavirus savaged Arizona and the Imperial Valley. They have brought with them this feeling that all is well; no more need for masks and social distancing. Its summertime and we all know that the summer weather conditions are not conducive to viruses. And if we pretend that they are gone......well!

And now vacationers and locals are out in force, gathering together at watering holes, bumping carts at grocery stories, waiting way too close to one another in lines for pizza. There are areas on the boardwalks where it is just like any other summer, bikes weaving their way though the crowds, vacationers circling a boardwalk performer, and families and friends huddling around an illegal campfire on the beach.

Except it is not. Because there is a little bug that is also circling around us. We already know what the bug can do to elderly in space confining nursing homes, And we know that coronavirus and COVID 19 is not just limited to the elderly. But there are parents, mostly parents visiting from Arizona and Imperial Valley, who remember the days when they came here as youngsters and they want the same for their children. Because if they contract the bug, the coronavirus, it may turn out to be far more memorable than their own experiences. It might be a life changing experience of a far worse kind, because children have their own version of this disease that parents should be aware of. Not as obviously life threatening as polio, our parents nightmare, but more insidious and perhaps equally damaging.

"The array of findings includes airway inflammation and rapid development of pulmonary edema, coronary artery aneurysms, and extensive intra-abdominal inflammatory changes. "New study looks at post-COVID-19 emerging disease in children."

"In April 2020, Evelina London Children's Hospital in London, U.K., experienced a surge of children with a multi-system hyperinflammatory syndrome. The children had a variety of symptoms, including fever, headaches, abdominal pain, rash and conjunctivitis. Clinical features and lab findings shared some similarities to those of Kawasaki disease -- which causes inflammation in the walls of blood vessels -- Kawasaki-disease shock syndrome or toxic-shock syndrome, although atypical and more severe.

"Our hospital saw an unprecedented cluster of children presenting with MIS-C, a new hyperinflammatory syndrome in children related to the current COVID-19 pandemic -- the recognition of which led to a national alert," said the study's lead author, Shema Hameed, M.B.B.S., consultant pediatric radiologist at Evelina London Children's Hospital."

So, why should any of us, visitors and locals alike be concerned. I mean the mayor demonstrated how well behaved San Diegans are; how responsible they can be maintaining distancing and wearing masks. But then that was while the mayor had ordered half of his police force to patrol the beaches and adjacent areas.

And, as San Diego opened up slowly, the daily counts of coronavirus from the County were still increasing, but in a steady manner at a rates of about 0.77 cases per day. The first chart below shows the daily count of C.V. for five communities, or zip codes. From top to bottom, we have Hillcrest, then downtown, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach/Pacific Beach and lastly La Jolla. The first coefficient in the straight line equation for each zip code is the slope of the curve, and in this case, the number of C.V. cases daily. These data start on May 8th and go through June 10th.

But something changed on or about June 11. There was a kink in the curve and the slopes began to increase. And over time a new slope emerged for each of the communities.

  • Hillcrest changed from 0.96 to 1.73, an eighty percent increase,

  • Downtown changed from 1.50 to 2.87, a sixty-five percent increase,

  • Ocean Beach changed from 0.77 to 1.32, a seventy-one percent increase,

  • Mission Beach/Pacific Beach changed from 0.77 to 5.14, a six-hundred and sixty seven percent change,

  • La Jolla changed from 0.51 to 1.09, or a two-hundred and thirteen percent change.

It is pretty obvious that the whole city has been impacted negatively by its reopening, but there is one community that does tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Even those of you who are mathematically challenged should see the dramatic increase in C.V. cases in that community, in our community.

And you would think that the leaders in our two communities might ring the bells loudly as a warning that something needs to be done. But, not our new town council in Mission Beach, because they are now focused on booking their next vacation rental, filling up their schedules, cramming as much coronavirus COVID 19 carriers into their short term rentals as possible. The more the merrier. As ABBA says, its all about money, money money.....

Reference: Shema Hameed, Heba Elbaaly, Catriona E. L. Reid, Rui M. F. Santos, Vinay Shivamurthy, James Wong, K. Haran Jogeesvaran.Spectrum of Imaging Findings on Chest Radiographs, US, CT, and MRI Images in Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Associated with COVID-19.Radiology, 2020; 202543 DOI:10.1148/radiol.2020202543

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