Complaint sent in to FAA on the Nighttime Noise Abatement Agreement

Since at least the 1980's, an illegal policy was initiated by the City Council, supported by the Port Commission, and implemented by Air Traffic Control (ATC) that moved all post 10 pm departures from 275, the red line in the picture, to 290, the white line, which is an example of a 290 departure. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, there is substantial dispersion on this vector departure, which results in many aircraft flying over Mission Beach.

One way to do this would be to put the nighttime noise abatement departure on a RNAV SID, which could be the yellow line passing over Mission Beach. Not shown in this picture is the PADRZ RNAV departure SID, which passes over Mission Beach at about Capistrano Place. The Airport Authority tried to sneak one past us, but putting all of the 290 departures on the PADRZ SID for the Flight Procedures and PART 150 studies. Once analyzed for this case and approved by the FAA, then all of the nighttime departures would be put on PADRZ for ever.

The other alternative would be to move PADRZ to the yellow line that departures with track just south of the MISSION BEACH peninsula. There are multiple approaches developed by both the Airport Authority Consultant and the Quiet Skies Consultant. Unfortunately, the Pt. Loma and Ocean Beach folks have rejected all of these ideas, leaving us little choice but to file a complaint against the original move of the post 10 pm departures to the 290 nighttime departure approach. I have done this and now we wait.

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