Updated: May 31, 2020

Previously, I reported the video of the County of San Diego Public Health Director, Dr. Wooten, stating that short term rentals can not be used by vacationers. In spite of this, we see vacationers here around where we live.

I have reported vacationers that were visiting in a relatively large group and partying most of one night. I also reported a STR that has a jacuzzi in the front areas both downstairs and upstairs. These jacuzzis were being used in one case by a large family group and the other by a large party of young women, both potentially spewing coronavirus downwind towards other residential units in proximity. This really drives the point home that attempts by Campbell to bring new STR regulations to the table that require any substantial enforcement are dead on arrival.

In spite of a call to Venus Molina, administrator for Councilmember Campbell that did result in a SDPD response, after the police left, the vacationers went right back to partying. This is clearly an example of the inability of the City to enforce in this case health driven requirements. If they can't do this, how can they enforce anything.

21. For purposes of this Order: a. "Essential business" 1s any business or activity ( or a business/activity that employs/utilizes workers) designated by the State Public Health Officer as "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers" set forth in: Critical infrastructure Workers.pdf) as that list may be updated from time-to-time, and referenced in Executive Order N-33-20 issued by the Governor of the State of California. For the purposes of this Order, the following businesses in the Food and Agriculture Sector are considered "groceries" or "other retail that sells food and beverages": grocery stores, corner stores and convenience stores, liquor stores that sell food, farmer's markets, food banks, farm and produce stands, supermarkets, big box stores that sell groceries and essentials, or similar business that sell food so long as the store has a current permit related to the sale of food and/or beverages from the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health. b. "Gathering" is any event or convening that brings together more than one person in a single room or single indoor or outdoor space at the same time. A gathering does not include: i. A gathering consisting only of members of a single family or household. Page 7 of 11 ORDER OF THE HEALTH OFFICER AND EMERGENCY REGULATIONS 11. Operations at airports, public transportation or other spaces where persons in transit are able to practice social distancing. m. Operations at essential businesses as defined in section 21 a above and reopened businesses as defined in 21 f below and where the other requirements set forth in this Order are followed.

22. Hotels and lodging establishments - Effective June 2, 2020, all hotels and lodging establishments shall require employees at guest check in to verify compliance with the Order of the State Health Officer regarding operation of hotels and lodging establishments by mandating that guests sign and complete a Guest Certification for Hotels and Lodging Establishments, available at: Page 8 of 11 ORDER OF THE HEAL TH OFFICER AND EMERGENCY REGULATIONS /HotelCertification.pdf. Hotels and lodging establishments shall maintain each guest certification for six months after the date of signature.

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