Campbell to participate at OBTC -Questions for Campbell.

1) While the short term rentals in Mission Beach and other beach communities have an occupancy of more than 90 percent during the three summer months, the average occupancy during the nine winter months is 45 percent.  In your proposal, this equates to 543 dwellings in Mission Beach all empty for the nine months of winter.  Do you believe this is a good use of housing?

2) Did you know that multifamily dwellings, duplexes, were found by the California Coastal Commission in Manhattan Beach to be more affordable for first time buyers and therefore were excluded from short term rental permits.  Why then are you carving out Mission Beach which is predominantly multifamily for a much higher percent of short term rentals?

3) You stated that you relied on input from the MBTC to get to 30 percent short term rental permits, but did either you or your staff walk the courts and places and ask the several thousand year round residents what they want?  The answer is, no carve out?

4) Are you aware of the fact that that the density of STRs now and as proposed in Mission Beach at 30 percent will be far greater than any other beach community in Southern California.   Del Mar at 10 percent, Encinitas at 2 percent, Manhattan Beach 1 percent, Ocean Beach at 6 percent, and La Jolla at 6 percent.

5) Are you aware that the negotiator representing Mission Beach and the rest of the City is involved in litigation with the Williams hotels that serves Mission Beach?   Is it not clear that a higher percent of STRs operating in Mission Beach has a negative impact on the Bahia and Catamaran Hotels.  In light of this information, why was Ms. Browning allowed to represent the Mission Beach community?

I predict that Campbell will do her best to repeat over and over again that for 11 years we have had the wild west, so isn't this proposal better than nothing? The answer is she has the wrong frame of reference. Would we rather accept her proposal that denies more than 5,000 whole homes to the long term market, or wait five months and get all of the STRs off of the market and back to long term rentals. That is a rhetorical question.

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