Campbell STR proposal does not calculate, or does it?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The Campbell proposal claims that each owner would be allowed only one short term rental permit. Currently, according to Inside AirBnB, there are 1458 STR listings in Mission Beach, but only 25.7 percent, or 375 of these are single listings. All of the rest are investors with multiple listings with anywhere from 2 to 10 listings.

For example in the table below, the 375 investors with just one listing, could all get permits, but the 149 with two listings could only get 149 permits, not 298 permits, and so on, so that the total number of permits that could be secured by the investors shown in the table would be 825. It is possible, perhaps likely, that a number of these investors' properties will not make it as STRs with the relatively high permit fees. So why negotiate 1086 permits for Mission Beach? Maybe while they say one permit per owner, maybe the wife is a different owner than the husband, or the 10 kids. Perhaps this MOU is a lot more like the mayor's old one plus everyone.

One other point for the Campbell proposal. There does not seem to be any consequences/penalty for operating a short term rental without a permit, if short term rentals are legalized. In Hawaii, the penalty for this offense is $20K for the first day and $10K for each day that follows.

Lastly, one must question the motives of Blaine Smith and Dane McCleary, treasurer and membership chair for the Mission Beach Town Council. One of the ideas proposed for a revised set of Bylaws for the MBTC is a more specific financial conflict of interest provision. As membership Chair, Dane has direct access to all of the short term rental members. While there is no hard evidence that Dane is using his membership list to identify potential new clients, the perception is not good and should be investigated.

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