Campbell needs to be reminded that there were laws here before she arrived on short term rentals.

Councilmember Campbell:

You may be aware that Mission Beach is one of only a few communities in San Diego with its own Planned District Ordinance (PDO).  Those who came before us recognized the importance of protecting this unique community, and as such this Article 13: Mission Beach District, was developed defining permitted uses of its Residential Subdistricts.

It literally defines limits on lodgers, which by definition precludes their use as short term rentals.  These defined uses are in direct contradiction to those elements of the MOU you have endorsed.  Lodgers are identified in this document are not vacationers, but are for the short term use of business travelers.

The residents of Mission Beach respectfully request that you retract your endorsement of the MOU, in particular those provisions that are explicitly not allowed in the Mission Beach PDO.

The presence of the substantial number of short term rentals in Mission Beach results from a failure of the City to follow its own laws and regulations.  City Attorney Elliott has Both the authority and the municipal code supporting any actions she may take to shut down illegally used dwelling units as these units are identified for her by residents of Mission Beach.

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