The majority of the CAC committee members believe that the Part 150 study needs to be extended to accommodate further review and iterations of the analyses of recommendations to mitigate noise in the communities surrounding Mission Beach. We still have an uphill battle regardless of what our Mission Beach representative on the CAC has said when she claimed victory recently.

But to give you some idea of the current situation, I have provided several charts below:

This chart shows the number of departures daytime and evening for PADRZ over MB and ZZOOO over OB, which are the top two lines. The bottom two lines are the same, but for nighttime departures only.

This chart shows the number of nighttime departures on the 290, the top line, versus PADRZ. PADRZ and the nominal 290 are not the same, so moving the 290 departures to PADRZ would have calamitous impact on Mission Beach, by combining both lines.

There is a lot of information on this chart. The top yellow pin shows the average crossing point for PADRZ over MB. The bottom shows the same but for the 290. The white shows how the current 290 fans out over a wide area. This wide area would focus down to a narrow corridor if the 290 was moved to PADRZ.

This chart is one possible result, although not my number one choice. This shows the impact in the effective number of departures on ZZOOO and PADRZ if the nighttime departures are kept where they are today, or the 290 departures are moved back to ZZOOO.

We need your help doing one or more of the following:

1. Sign into the website below and click on comments. Submit a comment stating that you believe it is important that the Flight Procedures Analysis and the Part 150 Study be be extended to ensure that all of the potential noise mitigation ideas have been exhausted. In particular, you believe that meeting with Mel Beale who is managing the analysis and flight test program at John Wayne Airport should be done as soon as is possible.

2. Attend the upcoming Mission Beach Precise Planning Board meeting on ZOOM and request the MB CAC representative, Gernot Trolf, to extend the Part 150 to ensure that all of the recommendations are fully vetted.

Participate in the MBTC board meeting and make the same request of this board to vote on a resolution at the next town council meeting to send a letter to the Airport Authority Noise Abatement Office making the same request.

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