Bry for Mayor

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

There are many reasons to support Barbara Bry for mayor. Her position on short term rentals and e-scooters is at the other end of the spectrum from her main competitors, State Assemblymember Gloria and current Councilmember Sherman. In addition, she brings huge amounts of practical experience in industry starting up and running several technology oriented companies. She brings accountability and commitment.


Recently, my campaign introduced a new video that highlights the key differences between how Todd Gloria and I would address the homeless situation:

In 2012, Todd Gloria told San Diegans he would “end chronic homelessnessdowntown in four years.”

Instead, it increased.

That’s because, for over a decade, Gloria has viewed homelessness as just a housing problem. This one-size-fits-all approach has dug us into a deep and dangerous hole.

Of course, housing is a part of the solution.

But, we need to shift to a data-driven approach that cares for people on a case-by-case basis and addresses the many root causes of homelessness:

🧠 Mental Health Programs 🚭 Drug Rehabilitation 💬 At-Risk Youth Services 📚 Vocational Training 🏠 Permanent Supportive Housing

When you are in a hole, it’s usually smart to stop digging!

We need to accept the failure of past policies and make mental illness, drug addiction and public safety our priorities moving forward.

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